How To See In Real-Time The Statistics Of A Tiktok Profile

We are going to explain how to see the statistics of any TikTok profile in real-time, for which we are going to use a simple page called TikTok Counter, which is also used to compare the number of users of two accounts. TikTok periodically updates your statistics, but this page shows them updating every few seconds, always having updated information.

This can be useful when you make a new publication or some type of campaign, so you can see in real-time its impact on the number of followers of the account or also the number of likes. It also updates you with data such as the people the account follows or its number of videos.

One thing to note is that this page does not pull data from any TikTok APIs, as the social network does not provide this type of information. As they say, they obtain the data directly by refreshing the website of the profile you indicate, and it is not data that has been authorized or verified by TikTok, so perhaps at specific times, there may be some differences.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you do not have to register or log in to this website with your TikTok data. You can search the data of any profile you want without having to know more about it than its name.

View real-time stats for a profile

The first thing you have to do is enter the TikTok Counter website. When you enter, you will see a random profile in the foreground and promoted profiles below, which is how the website is monetized. To see the statistics of a specific page, click on the Change User button that you have at the top right.

A search box will open overlaid on the page. In this box, you have to type the name of the profile or a term to search for the profile whose data you want to see in real-time. You have to search for the name or term and click on the magnifying glass icon to run the search.

When you click on the magnifying glass, a list of profiles that match it will open. Among the results, you have to click on the profile you want to find out about to access its file. And if it doesn’t appear, you can search again with other terms.

And that’s it. After clicking on a profile within the search results, you will go to that profile’s file within TikTok Counter. There you will see in real-time the number of followers, likes, videos, and accounts that you follow. Around his profile picture, you will see a circle that is completed. Every time that circle completes, the data on the page will be updated. Therefore, the data is updated every 15 or 20 seconds.