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How To Upload Original Quality Videos Without Exceeding The Duration In Tiktok

Although everything influences, this may be one of the most important keys when it comes to gaining followers on TikTok. One of the biggest mistakes many users make when it comes to gaining popularity on the social network is posting content similar to that of other users who have already achieved some popularity.

Therefore, it is important that we define our own style that differentiates us from the rest. Create content or videos with topics that you are really passionate about and do not rely solely on trends since, in this case, we will not be doing anything other than publishing the same thing as thousands of users. Therefore, your videos will become one of all those published with the same theme. It’s okay to post videos about something that interests TikTok users, but always try to give something more than others.

Despite defining our style, it is also advisable to make publications from time to time that is a bit out of the ordinary to see how our followers react and if this allows us to get real followers on TikTok to whom, until now, we had not managed to awaken their interest in us. It goes without saying that our videos and publications on TikTok must be of quality so that the impact is greater and it is part of our own style.

TikTok allows you to record videos from the app itself, yes, with a certain duration. However, it is possible to upload recorded videos from the mobile camera app to our longer account. Of course, we must be very careful with the length of the videos since if our content is too long, potential and current followers may not finish watching it because it is too long, which will make us lose strength and popularity in the social network.

Use video editing apps.

If we use video editing applications, we will be able to make them more spectacular and beautiful, which will allow us to reach more people, and more people will be our followers because of how well the videos are made. Originality is basic, but if we are already original and add a touch of professionalism and spectacularity to what we launch on TikTok, the chances that we will be more successful are multiplied by a lot.

These applications help us put effects on the videos, which can be professional or fun, as well as improve the color and sharpness of what we record and even many of them already have built-in templates so that we don’t have to do anything and vary what we record. minimum possible because the design has already been created for us from the application.

Interact with our followers

As a social network, to be successful and to have more and more followers on TikTok, it is important that our followers feel important to us and that they feel our closeness. Therefore, it is necessary to interact with them and upload a video addressing all of them and making them feel important. Of course, this will be of little use if we do not comply with the previous premises. Above all, generating original content with which to attract new followers while retaining the loyalty of all those who already follow us.

Users of this social network like challenges a lot, so don’t hesitate to use them from time to time. But do not abuse either, since abusing this technique will make it lose effectiveness.

Commentary videos

Another way to be close to your followers and, therefore, attract more is to make a video from time to time answering a question or comment that a follower has written for you. This is an ideal way for those who follow you to see that you care about what they write and think, but it also helps others see the same fact and consider that they also want to leave you a comment, and that is why they are going to follow you.

But you should also keep in mind that these types of videos in which questions are answered or anything that someone writes on your TikTok are very popular and is among the most viewed on this network, especially if the questions or comments are original, as well as the answer we give ourselves.…

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