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How To Publish Content On Other Social Networks From TikTok

If, in addition to making quality publications and following the above tips, we publish some of our TikTok videos on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, we can give our profile much more visibility and get followers or users who view our videos to end up following us. Also, on TikTok. You can download TikTok videos to share on Instagram, for example. This will allow you to drive traffic from one social network to another.

You can also publish it on WhatsApp states, in forums, different social networks and comment on it with your friends so that they can share it.

Make direct

TikTok live streams are a way to gain popularity not only among your friends but among all kinds of audiences. Some people may come to you because they’re watching live shows and they’re interested in what you’re doing. This is a way to diversify the ways you get your followers. It is a risky bet since the videos will be broadcast at the moment without editing, and you may make some initial mistakes, but it is worth trying. You just have to look for the best ways to catch your audience with your live shows.

Other tips and tricks

Beyond the content, we can get noticed by sending gifts to other users or simply looking for specialized apps. Obviously, it is better that we focus on all the tips that we have given you above that are the ones that will give you a greater volume of followers organically, but the extra push that what you have next can give you never hurts.

Send gifts

They can bring in some extra money, but they are a way to grow if you send gifts to other users during their live streams. This way, you will get more visibility, and you will be able to sneak into the most viewed or even get others to recommend you. It occurs to us that you can make a contest, raffle, or gifts for whatever you want. We recommend that you give something related to your activity, specialization, skill, or what you do. Suppose they are also personalized with the image and name of your channel, much better, like the personalized gifts offered by companies. Following the same line, it is interesting to give gifts or make raffles on special occasions.

Of course, we must bear in mind that gifts cost money. What are they? We can send gifts to our favorite tiktokers during live broadcasts by exchanging available balances in the app for the catalog that we want, from five coins to gifts of more than five thousand coins that represent a real expense of fifty euros in total. The more expensive the gift, the bigger you will appear on that person’s live stream, and the more others will see you. It can be a good investment to make yourself known and gain followers.

Dip into third-party apps

There are some apps developed by third parties that have been designed with the aim of helping you get followers on TikTok. They are not the best option and using this to multiply your followers will not achieve a similar impact, but we can use it if we want to increase our profile a bit before launching directly into fame.

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